《City’s Survival Project》is a Chinese culture related simulation game played in the first person.
The player will play as a newcomer who tries to survival in the big city. Within 90 days, the player
will facing continuous challenges and make strategic decisions.
There are over dozens of career paths to advance and over 50 different endings. Which path
suits you is for you to find out (A good challenge will help you find your most suited path).

Game mode:
Easy: Original gameplay
Normal: Macroeconomics variable

Introduction to the game’s characteristics:
Appearance: (indicates a multiple of beauty, temperament, culture, apparel)
Sprit: (indicates a multiple of EQ, experience, breadth of knowledge, social experience)
Intellect: (indicates a multiple of IQ, skills, depth of knowledge, cognition)
Stamina: (indicates a multiple of patience, perseverance, attitude, stress management)
Body: (indicates a multiple of physical strength and immunity)Early Access:

This game is mostly complete, only partial functions are not done yet.
This is our first time developing an independent game, so we have a limited understanding
of our users and the market. We hope to find like-minded developers along the
way and your suggestions and feedbacks are most welcome.