The Car Hacking Village (CHV)'s Trunk Escape experience is based on the real Trunk Escape CTF challenge hosted at DefCon. In the traditional meatspace challenge, contestants would sign up and pick items they wanted in the trunk. We would then bind them and toss them in the trunk with a 30 minute timer to escape. There were flags along the way for additional points.

We have converted that challenge to a VR Experience. This year, 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are playing it safe and converting the Defcon Car Hacking Vilalge into a virtual event. This is just one of the challenges for that event. In this game you will pick a loadout for youself and be placed in the back of a van. You will then have to either solve physical puzzles or hack into the CAN bus in order to escape. If played during Defcon, you can connect to the CTF servers to compete against other hackers.

Outside of Defcon these challenges will randomly create new solutions. This will give you additional play even outside of the conference.