• Select from six helicopters ranging from civilian aircraft to military grade, all rendered from the actual manufacturer specs. Each helicopter has realistic flight physics and flight characteristics of the actual chopper, and all have true to life cockpit views with moving gauges and working mechanisms
  • Master the basic flight skills in the Progressive training mode and go on to pick up a Rescue Pilot license after completing the trial mode
  • Sweat through 10 rescue missions, including a hotel fire, an erupting volcano, a raging flood, a mountain-top plane crash, an air-sea ship rescue, a bomb scare on a speeding bus, cities awash in chaos and more
  • Video replay mode and 4 different views (cockpit, close chase, far chase and tower)
  • Realistic controls and variable effects: Rotor torque, unpredictable weather (wind, rain, snow and tornado!), working cockpit gauges and moving flight controls
  • A full range of equipment is at your disposal including a helpful radio/intercom system, a high pressure water cannon, a winch and winch operator, ground support and more