Chinese Architect is first person view simulation game taking place in the old historical China. Start your adventure with learning crafting secrets from ancestors and build everything what you see around. From simple buildings and bridges to beautiful pagodas and temples that can stand for thousand years without nails. Welcome to dynasty of greatest architects!

Chinese Architect is a great combination of different successful game genres - survival, simulation and role playing! You can choose to follow the main quests or just explore the historical Chinese world. Begin with the simplest tasks for your own survival like getting some money and food and than learning building skills for making your house.

Create different tools for constructing different type of houses, buildings and temples as you grow your skills. Interact with many NPCs and help others with their buildings and trading.

Have you ever wondered how famous temples in China have been build? What technology did they use? How can they stand for thousand years?
It is time for you to learn all of that from teachers in this story reach game with crafting elements.Features
- Beautiful and realistic open world of China using Unreal Engine
- Night and Day cycle with weather conditions
- Interactive environment in the world
- Different buildings from simple houses to temples and palaces
- Many equipment to craft
- Main and side quests with many characters
- And many more