Chime Sharp is a music puzzle game. Place pieces to beat the levels and simultaneously create your own unique music in the spirit of the composer's original score.

Game Composer EditionThe same gameplay as 2017's Chime Sharp game but with 5 tracks from some of the most talented composers working in video games today. They're our unsung heroes - although they sing a lot themselves - and we wanted to make a version of Chime Sharp just for them. We're hugely grateful to Gareth Coker, Penka Kouneva, Wilbert Roget, Kenneth Young and Inon Zur for their support in making this game.

The original Chime was an Xbox Live Arcade game that went on to be a much loved favourite of the era. The game play and graphics were updated in 2017 with Chime Sharp. It's still an incredibly simple game to play, but one that you will lose hours to.