Welcome to Chicago! Since the introduction of the 1920 prohibition laws that totally forbid the manufacture, sale or transportation of alcohol, this city has become the centre of organised crime. Now, all alcohol consumption is controlled by the Mafia, the city is teeming with illicit breweries, bars, nightclubs, casinos and brothels. In 1928, the dreaded Hank O'Neil rules over most of the city but a few areas are still under the control of the authorities. Now another big shot, Don Falcone, even more ambitious, cruel, and ruthless than O'Neil, comes on the scene and tries to take over. A special police unit has been set up to meet this threat and to stop the Mafia at all costs. Their aim is to regain control of the city and to free Chicago from the grip of the underworld.

At this point, open war is declared in the heart of Chicago. Will you be on the side of the Mafia or the police? The choice is yours!


  • Choose to play as the cops or the mob, manage your team of five unique characters.

  • RPG Features : each individual has five different attribute areas to aid them in their quests.

  • 20 missions with numerous objectives : escort VIPs, take out witnesses or even raid illegal gambling dens.

  • When the action gets too hectic, jump to Slow Motion Mode to grab a breath and efficiently manage your team members in the heat of battle.

  • Advance Artificial Intelligence allows enemies to have varying, realistic reactions based upon unique combat situations.

  • Highly detailed graphics immerse you in a gritty era of raucous, high-rolling gangsters and hard-as-nails cops.