What if we saw a glimpse of a world alien to us, a dimension where we had conquered space yet never discovered the concept of the movable typing press?
Or what if we saw a world where Cathode-ray tube TV's exist alongside mobile phones and swing music? A world not unlike our own yet somewhat alien to us.
Chesnakisnak is a short choose-your-own adventure game which takes place in New Estuary city, in an anachronistic 1939.
You play as Artorious Manx, proprietor of Chesnakisnak, a bar/snack shop selling fried garlic bread to the people of New Estuary.
Artorious returns home every day to read his mail on his brand new Calculator. How he responds to this mail changes Artorious' story- will he miss paying his rent or perhaps find that the flames of lust have been lit between him and a childhood friend?
Relax and take in the sights or listen to DJ Laytnyt spin the best tunes on NEFM, all night long. Play various mini-games and explore your apartment building or read news articles on your Calculator.

The night is young still.
New Estuary awaits.
You're never alone.