You are Sieg Wahrheit, a battle-hardened warrior. Your next mission is to pursue and prevent your old ally Victor Delacroix from bringing the world into chaos. Helping you in your task are seven different legions, ready to stand shoulder to shoulder and fight with you to death or to glory.


  • Increase the main character's abilities - One of the most significant features is the player's ability to power up the main character's attributes through the legions. For instance, if the sword legion's 'Enchant' ability is powered up, the main character will gain more powerful sword moves.

  • Magnificent Battles - Chaos Legion features battles in which astonishing numbers of enemies are fighting on screen at one time. This feature will give players a true sense of epic battles in which two armies fight for victory.

  • Perfect Blend of RPG and Action elements - Capcom takes an entirely new approach to the action genre as players will find they can power up their legions increasing among other things the number under control, attack and defensive power they posses.

  • Varied and detailed environments - Chaos Legion possesses beautifully rendered environments including ruins, caves and others that perfectly represent the dark mood of the game.

  • Full 3D Polygonal world - Players will have access to position the camera in anyway at any time, allowing them to see the action clearly. At any point, players can pull the camera directly behind the character with the push of a button. This will not only centre the camera, but will adjust perspective allowing the character to be seen clearly in various situations.