Taking a longer break than with previous titles, Championship Manager 2010 delivered huge leaps forward compared to the past titles.

For the first time ever managers could take total control with a fully animated, 3D match engine (featuring 500 fully motion captured animations per player) propelling you right into the heart of the action on matchday along with a host of other features. The 3D match engine featured in Championship Manager 2010 was the only engine specifically designed and created for a football management game allows you to watch the team in action as they put your carefully crafted tactics into action, view individual performances and be on hand to make changes when things go wrong.

It's not just on the pitch Championship Manager changed, 2010 provided players with a host of never before seen features including; CM Season Live, Scouting Networks, Drill Training, Set-piece creator and video capture.

With a brand new interface and backed by a huge database with all the latest data, begin the journey to manage your team to success and bathe in glory.

Some of the new features include a 3D match engine, set piece creator, scouting network and CM season live.

The bespoke fully-animated match engine with over 500 individual player animations. Seven different camera angles, replays and the ability to record and re-watch matches means you will never miss any of the action unfolding on the pitch. The set piece creator enabled managers to create completely bespoke Set Pieces. You could call upon all the individual strengths of your squad members to produce the perfectly executed free kick.

Scouting networks gave managers more access and realism as they searched to find the hottest talent. Managers were given a world map view of their knowledge of different countries and expenditure allocation. Scouts report back the up and coming star players from around the world allowing you to dedicate more of your time to other areas.

CM 2010 continued to grow the link between the game and real world in a first for the football management genre, CM Season Live were 6 monthly downloadable updates bringing you all the latest events from the world of football, dropping you into the action at key defining moments in the season.