Celtic Kings: The Punic Wars. The Punic Wars will continue to evolve the brand of the award winning Celtic Kings: Rage of War by introducing new nations, units, upgrades and strategies while preserving the fresh and unique gameplay of the original.


  • Two new nations: the Carthaginians and the Iberians, complete with their own historical buildings and units (War Elephants, Libyan Infantry, Numidian riders, Slingers, Mountaineers, three new catapult models). The handling of every nation is completely different.

  • A single-player campaign featuring the campaign of Hannibal Barca (Sagunto battle, the crossing of the Alps, Cannas battle).

  • A single-player campaign featuring the development of the Roman Republic during the Punic wars (the invasion of Sicily, the conquest of Hispania, the destruction of Carthage).

  • Completely new terrains, now including desert.

  • New custom maps.

  • New music and more than 100 new sound effects.

  • Players can choose their race while playing on custom maps and the game modifies the map to fit the stronghold they've chosen.

  • New unit specials including regeneration (units heal faster and eat more food), bleeding attack (in addition to its normal attack the unit takes 10% off the enemy health), rage (the unit increases its damage spending its own health) and full armor (reduces the damage from all attacks).

  • New ways to obtain resources and new upgrades including additional options for the Gaul and Roman nations.

  • Dozens of additions to the CK engine: automatic training of warriors, capturing of supply mules, aimed arrow shooting from towers and more.