Choose your weapon and start your engine!

Cel Damage pits a cast of crazy 'toons against each other in maxed-out, weapon-laden vehicles to out-maneuver, out-race, and out-smack each other for personal glory. Whether it is a tommy-gun totin' gangster duck or a diminutive demon with a woodchipper these gas-powered gladiators battle it out across

12 highly interactive environments with a host of wild weapons, such as giant boxing gloves and baseball bats, at their disposal. A stylish cel-shaded look and revolutionary "stretch and squish" phyiscs engine make it seem as if all the wild action is taking place in an actual cartoon episode. It is time to get aggressive behind the wheel because the 'toons rule the road!


  • Frantic vehicular combat in a cartoon universe.

  • Battle it out across 12 interactive cartoon environments set in 4 different themes (Space, Jungle, Desert, Transylvania).

  • Smack your opponents silly in 3 gameplay modes: Smack Attack, Battle Race and Flag Rally.

  • Cruise and bruise in the souped-up rides of the toughest 'toons around - 6 playable characters with 4 unlockable guest stars.

  • Wield a massive chainsaw, giant axe or one of 34 other wild, over-the-top weapons.

  • Smash your friends in four-player split-screen action.