Stay in the match longer than your opponents while a level builds itself in ways to get you out!

Call your seven best friends or co-workers or family members to join you in this easy to pick up local multiplayer action platformer. You will yell in victory and in angst as you keep up with the speed of the level, avoid or toy with your opponents, and sometimes make foolish mistakes. The bigger the group, the better!

The rules are simple:
  • Fall too far behind?
  • Go too far ahead?
  • Fall into a pit?

...You're out! Last Bit standing wins!

The CD playing will change it's modes into fast-forward, slow speed, and a few other surprises.

There are three different game types: Round, Score and Distance. Each has their own fun unique type of victory, try them with your group!

Settings can be changed to keep game play interesting and fresh. Options can be updated to turn the volume on the music or sound effects up or down.

Call your friends, have them over, keep up with the level and listen to the laughs and screams as you play together.