Aria of Sorrow is the most exciting Castlevania adventure yet! The year is 2035 and the game's high school student hero, Soma Cruz, is about to witness the fist solar eclipse of the 21st century when he suddenly passes out... only to awaken inside of a mysterious castle. Navigating through the castle's complex maze of labyrinths, players must battle ferocious monsters at every turn in order to find an escape before evil consumes them.

In addition to collecting and wielding multiple weapons, players now also have the unique ability to use the souls of their enemies to gain over 100 powerful new attacks and skills. Using the Nintendo Game Link Cable, players can also exchange or trade enemy souls with their friends, further bolstering their character's strength against the evil forces lurking within the castle walls. Enhanced by a haunting musical score, stunning animated characters, gigantic monsters, astonishing special effects and breathtaking graphics, Aria of Sorrow will have players wishing for their garlic cloves and wooden crosses!


  • Collect the souls of enemies to learn their abilities.

  • Exchange souls with your friends using the Game Link Cable.

  • Collect and wield multiple weapons - each with their own attacks.

  • Stunning animated characters and huge monsters intensify the action.