$5000 BOUNTY!
Be the first to the kill screen, or be one of the top 10 scores standing by September 5th, to win a cash prize! More details at http://www.CastleKong.com!
Castle Kong is Drowning Monkeys homage to what we consider the best game ever made: Galaga.


What makes the golden age of arcade gaming so fun is a simple concept: 1 coin, 3 lives. play till you die or hit the kill screen, and set a high score.

And that's what Castle Kong is all about. Just like the game it's based on (Probably not Galaga), CK will be a ruthless, 4 stage, 22 level romp as you play PauperBoy, a young kid who sets out to save PrincessGirl from the evil clutches of BaronMan.

Unlike it's predecessors, we leverage the power of connectivity to host tournaments (with a championship!), verify high scores, and have a global leaderboard.

And As Always,
if anyone's interested, a kill screen is coming up.