Case 00: The Cannibal Boy is a half-hour visual novel partly based on a true story, written by a writer with a background in psychology. It is a psychological horror story with an urban legend theme.
This work is also the prequel to Physical Exorcism: Case 01. Some of the same characters appear, but the two games have unrelated plots that can be enjoyed separately.Story

Have you heard of the "Cannibal Boy"? If you ever hear his story, hurry and tell it to someone who hasn't! Or else, he might just come get YOU...Characters

A master's student in psychology. The topic of your master's thesis is "judgment and decision making."
"Are you going to do a case conceptualization?"

An interning psychologist. She is constantly smiling but her eyes always look shut.
"Eating is essentially a kind of possession, a kind of intimacy, just like having sex."

A grad student who enjoys college life. He sometimes worries about whether he will find a decent job.
"It's the urban legend everyone's been talking about!"

Jade's best friend forever. She has a tendency to be passive aggressive and jumps to conclusions.
"All your fault, all your fault, all your fault..."

Grete's twin brother. He is prettier than girls.
"I can be there for Grete anyway."

Handsome Guy
Grete's crush. He is a mystery.
"Do you want me to walk you home?"