The year is 1509. You are Diogo Álvares, shipwrecked off the Brazilian coast.
You have been betrayed by your crew members and handed to the cannibalistic Tupinambá natives.

You have freed yourself and now you must find a way to head back to Europe.
Will you get revenge on your crew, head back to civilisation
Or will you succumb to the wicked ways of the Cannibal Coast?Tips
  • If you become a cannibal, your max health will increase, but each enemy will give you less energy
  • You always eat dead enemies when you touch them. You can shoot their corpse to make it disappear if you're going for a "human-free diet"
  • Every six levels, you will have a change to collect ammo. But over time, there will be less ammo to collect
  • There are three different endings. Did you find them all?
  • The game saves automatically on every ammo gathering stage. So you can continue your game from the last ammo stage you visited.

Please note: This game is loosely based on the legend of Caramuru, but it doesn't follow the story too closely