It is 1934, in the far reaches of the South Pacific. Norah has crossed the ocean following the trail of her missing husband’s expedition and finds herself on a lush island paradise - a nameless, forgotten place, dotted with the remnants of a lost civilization.
What strange secrets does it hold, and what might Norah unearth in her quest for the truth?Explore the BeautyExplore a stunning tropical island (meticulously modeled in Unreal Engine 4), brimming with fantastic sights, lost ruins and occult mysteries.Meet NorahExperience an emotional, charming character study of a woman on a journey of self-discovery, fully voiced by Cissy Jones (Firewatch, The Walking Dead: Season 1).Dive into the DeepImmerse yourself in a story-driven adventure full of suspense and surreal surprises.Search for MeaningInvestigate the clues left by a previous voyage, piece together what happened, and solve a variety of clever puzzles.