Race through crowded streets, speed towards oncoming traffic, take down your opponents, crash without consequence. It's time to turn racing on its head.

Burnout 1 and 2 rewarded players for taking risks and driving dangerously, Burnout 3 brings racing and crashing together, through dense, oncoming traffic. Use your car as a weapon to eliminate your opponents in a bid for first place or simply indulge in maximum car carnage, twisted metal and spectacular crashes. With stunning graphics, addictive online & offline multiplayer action, Burnout 3 is the fastest, most aggressive, adrenaline-fuelled, arcade-racing game on the market.

The tree-based structure offers a longevity and depth of gameplay not experienced in previous releases. Progress through tracks set in the USA, Europe and the Far East.


  • Single Player Modes:

    Race Championship.

    Crash Championship.

    Single Race against 5 CPU opponents.

  • Race Championship:

    Race through crowded streets taking risks, getting boost rewards, going faster...Slam, Shunt and Takedown your opponents, use your car as a weapon.

    Players compete to own the streets, strategically inducing opponents to crash to gain boost bonuses. Secure victory and new streets will open up.

  • Crash Championship:

    Crash in the most spectacular fashion accumulating rewards for risk, damage and dangerous driving:

    Completely new crash junctions.

    New crash vehicles to unlock.

    "Hollywood" style stunt crashes.

  • Online Modes and Multi-Player modes:

    Multi-player modes:

    Online Single Race: Single race with up to six players.

    Other racing modes

    Online Crash modes to be detailed at a later date.