Buddy's Creative Quest! is a short, cheat code based, atmospheric plat-former!
The game consists of one short level that can be played with many cheat codes to alter the gameplay, or take you to different screens.

(Demo coming very soon!)
Play the standalone demo for free!
(Note: The demo shows off what the game is like, but is an entirely self-contained game, there are differences in the demo and the full game.)Features:
  • Over 50 cheat codes to unlock!
  • Controller support! (With the exception of a secret text command line game!)
    The game works best with a Xbox One controller, but others may work as well.
  • Discover fun secrets!
  • 25 Steam achievements to unlock and Steam cloud integration coming soon!

Why Play This Game?Buddy's Creative Quest! is a game well suited for short play sessions, or when you just want to relax and mess around.