Buddi Bot is an advanced AI designed to use neural network technology to be able to complete household tasks. However, technology can be tricky and disaster strikes when your expectations and Buddi's don't exactly meet. In this game, you will have to train Buddi to complete your tasks by teaching him COLORS and SHAPES, as well as retraining him to avoid nasty events from unfolding.


Life Made Not So Simple - Easy and clear objectives, for a human. Not so much for Buddi. YOU understand that trash goes in the trashcan, but Buddi is going to have to learn.

Training Interface - Oh, no. Buddi burnt the food or put the hot sauce in the washing machines? No matter. Buddi comes with additional software with features to rewind, retrain, and command him with just a click of a button.

Point and Click - The whole game is played with just your mouse. Less energy spent on understanding controls means more energy can be spent on trying to get Buddi to finally wash the dishes.

Buddi Bot is a 3-D, isometric puzzle game by The University of Texas's SAGA Lab. This game was created with the intent of displaying the positive and negative effects that the advancement of AI will present to society. The simple things in life can be mitigated with the assistance of Buddi Bot, but things might turn out unexpected. So when you're telling Buddi to wash a plate, try to remember if he has thrown around any discs lately.

The design and production of this game were funded by the Good Systems Texas Grand Challenge Initiative at the University of Texas at Austin.