Simultaneously control four distinct commandos: Gamers have complete authority over the universe's toughest commandos. Choose from a deadly sniper, the war-hardened assault trooper, a cunning scout, or a feral alien. With the tap of a button, switch between commandos, and select a squad member perfect for any combat situation. Each commando is uniquely qualified for different scenarios, and it is up to the gamer to determine how to best deploy their skills.

Play co-op and death-match multiplayer with up to seven other gamers: Play cooperatively with up to four players via split-screen or System Link. Snipe the enemy from behind while squad-mates blaze forward with the heavy stuff. Or, sneak ahead as the scout to decide how to instruct teammates to fight with optimal tactics. With Dynamic Co-op, players can jump in and out of the game at any time in split-screen mode. You can also compete in an all out frag-fest with up to seven other gamers! Friends can battle it out against one another in a variety of competitive and team death-match modes.

Enjoy weapons and equipment galore: Gamers have their choice of more than 30 different types of weapons, grenades, gadgets, and pieces of equipment. Equip teams with Miniguns, Sonic Cannons, Rail Guns, Sniper Rifles, Bio-Rifles, and more. Each weapon is designed to take advantage of certain enemies and environments. Gamers must learn the strengths of each weapon to best exploit the weaknesses of their foes.

Download new content: Gamers can download brand new missions and entire campaigns via Xbox Live, including both single-player and multiplayer missions. The adrenaline rush continues ... on and on and on!

Witness amazing next-generation visual effects: With dazzling effects, dynamic lighting, and gorgeous graphics beautifully rendered in a variety of environments, Brute Force reveals a level of detail players may not have thought possible.

Play through six challenging worlds: Gamers can explore six exotic worlds, each with a unique environment, enemies, and gameplay strategies. To survive in each world, players will have to learn how to best use the unique abilities of the commandos.

Experience awesome audio: Gamers have the added realism of Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. The environmental sound effects and music bring the worlds of Brute Force to life.