The physics-based game, “Bridge Crawler” blends the ideas of games like “World of Goo” by 2D Boy and “Poly Bridge” by Dry Cactus. Can you construct a ‘bridge’ which will guide a vehicle propelled only by repulsor beams? What if it’s far above where you start? Or when there isn’t enough time and you have to launch it at the exit? Sometimes the answer is careful planning and sometimes brute force.

Is the game easy? Nope, but that’s the point. Return to a time when games were sometimes difficult, completing them took effort, and that feeling of accomplishment and relief when a crazy idea works.Challenges?
Need to slow it down or speed it up? Pick the game mode that fits your style. Want to make the perfect bridge without a time limit? The ‘lowest node count’ mode should match your needs70+ levels
Play any level at any time. No required progression or need to complete a level before moving on. Some levels will focus on a specific skill, other take a little more "creativity".

Why the "+"? No separate level packs to buy or DLC. Any additions will be available to everyone without having to buy 'extras'.Tech Features:
  • Want to use your XBox controller? Enjoy.
  • 4k, unusual resolution scales and multi-monitor ready!
  • Have a high refresh rate monitor? The game's 500fps cap should be plenty.
  • Customizable RGBA User Interface
  • Multi-core support with user selectable options to best fit your needs.

Original music by Abney Park