The dead man's mouth opened...

The sealed 'Demon Dragon King Boruaka' resurrected...
The world has been turned into a pinball.

Brave Fol clutched his flipper blade in both hands,
He is going to take down the Demon Dragon King with his buddies!

"BRAVE PINBALL" is a single type pinball game.

There are no difficult rules in this game.
Use the left and right flippers to fly the brave, and
Defeat a group of monsters led by the Demon Dragon King Boruaka!
That's all there is to it!

There are grasslands, forts, caves, forests, etc.
A lot of enemies are placed on the various stages colored in the JRPG style.
If you want to go to a different stage, you need to have a good control technique over the heroes.
You will find the demon dragon king Boruca that lurks in the darkness, and you will be the first to find him.
Can you bring peace back to the world?
(The boss may not be alone...)

Of course, it also has a high score challenge, which is very important in pinball!
Each time you level up, the rate of increase in your score will increase.

During the game, you will get a piece of treasure by defeating certain enemies and clearing various conditions.
When all the pieces are collected, a hidden treasure will be revealed.
You'll have to see it for yourself!