Warning!Buy Power Brain Trainer on Steam and get Brain Test for free! This project is based on the main product - Power Brain Trainer, and by purchasing it you can download Brain Test as a free DLC right now. Why does this page exist? The fact is that the Brain Test can be considered as a full-fledged separate product for passing and creating quizzes. That is why it will also exist separately for fans of this genre.Why Brain Test?Sometimes you just want to relax, unwind? Is it possible to test and develop your knowledge at the same time? Here you will find a lot of interesting quizzes. Develop your brain and enjoy. Developers are already working on interesting topics. The project will continue to develop and improve, tests will become more and more. So add Brain Test to your wish list right now and support us.In the first version among the quizzes:
  • space
  • capitals of the world
  • gaming industry
  • fauna
  • inventions of mankind
Quiz designerIn addition, you can create your own quizzes with a powerful designer. This is a very useful thing if you want to test the knowledge of your friends by asking them your own questions. And if you are a teacher, then Brain Test is an indispensable tool for you.The main features of the designer:
  • quizzes are created very simply and quickly
  • you can come up with any question
  • you choose how many answer options there will be
  • you have the opportunity to add more than one correct answer
  • you can determine the complexity of the question
  • you specify which system to evaluate the passage
  • it is possible to create a quiz for several language options
  • a wide range of general settings
This is not all its capabilities. There are many more interesting settings in the designer that you should try.The game is evolving and will soon be:
  • about sports
  • about nature
  • about medicine
  • about literature
  • about physics
  • about mathematics
  • about computer technology
  • about movies
  • and many other topics
Brain Test is today the largest and most powerful tool for passing, creating and downloading quizzes in the world. No program can match it. So, if you haven't added Brain Test to your wish list yet, do it now. Let's start training the brain!