Bound by Flame

Genres: Action Adventure , Role Playing
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Bound by Flame is an ambitious and far-reaching RPG that contains all of the typical ingredients you expect from a heroic fantasy game; in particular, it offers a great freedom of action and choice throughout your adventure. The decisions you make are far from superficial and always bear, albeit later than sooner, heavy consequences on the way the story unfolds, on yourself, and, last but not least, on the very end of the game. These decisions first depend on the development of your character. Throughout the story and the successful quests, you gain some experience that enables you to develop your avatar. You have three talent trees through which you must choose the way you play and fight, from a skillful warrior armed with heavy swords, to a stealthy fighter and dagger expert. But maybe you will be tempted to destroy your enemies with your demon's powerful long-range fire magic spells.
"Great freedom of action" "Three talent trees"

"Watch your back... and your language!"

Your choices also influence the in-game dialogs, as dozens of characters step in either as allies or enemies. Be careful, therefore, not to get on the wrong side of a character that might play a very big part later on in the game... unless making a new enemy is exactly your intention! According to your actions, some allies might even turn against you. So watch your back... and your language! Finally, the way in which you decide to interact with your demon also influences your character and the story. Your allies will change according to the freedom you grant your demon and according to the amount of humanity you decide to shed. Some of your companions may even decide to leave you on the way if they resent the person you have become... or if you suddenly decide to betray them!