The hit game's main objective and game physics remains unchanged: the player has to collect a certain number of diamonds while avoiding falling objects, traps and besting enemies in order to open and discover the exit, before time runs out. Of course there are a number of helpful tools made available to players such as bombs or laser guns which can be loaded with different types of ammunition. These lasers provide the player with different temporary powers, such as the ability to freeze enemies, destroy boulders and even pull diamonds and other distant objects towards the player.

In addition to the classic single-player mode, presented in several different worlds, Boulder Dash- Rocks! offers a multi-player mode as well as three additional game modes for a total of five play modes for each version. There are two new game modes, never before available in the Boulder Dash series, one of which has been custom designed for each of the two different platforms.


  • 4 amazing worlds: Jungle-, Lava-, Water- and Netherworld. All different in game play and environments.

  • All-new graphic design which appeals to the modern gaming community.

  • Fascinating game modes: Planet Tour (Story Mode), Time Trial and the Multiplayer: Double Dash.

  • Exclusive PSP mode: Moon Dash is the first time you can play Boulder Dash in 3D.

  • 130 challenging levels guarantee hours of fun and entertainment.

  • New opponents and challenging puzzles.

  • Game principle suited for all generations.

  • Great and funny storyline and cinematics.