After the dictator of Bahn threatened the world with his nuclear arsenal to blackmail nations into sent Bahnian refugees back to his country, extreme measures had to be taken. A killer sent to the country disguised as a tourist is arrested and sent to a political detention camp, where he will start a trail of corpses all the way to the dictator's mansion.
Born to Kill is a pixel-art, isometric-shooter game, navigate through the detention camp, to the Bahnian forests, and finally, the dictator's mansion. The game is heavily action-oriented, focused on the slaying of enemies in maze-like levels.

  • Playtime: ~1 hour
  • 3 skill levels: Easy, normal and hard.
  • 4 weapons: Machine gun, shotgun, bazooka and the burst cannon.
  • Ultraviolence: Gore, executions, and a story centered on crimes against humanity.