I find it hard to believe that nobody has reviewed this title! So I hope I can fill in the blanks. STORY The planet Pandora was supposed to be paradise, a place for settlers to live but something went wrong, very wrong. A prison ship crashed into the planet and the convicts escaped, bred and set up colonies of their own. But there was something else about the planet Pandora that nobody knew about. It seems humanity are not the only ones to set foot on Pandora. Indeed an alien race had inhabited the world and left behind something that would attract mercenaries and treasure hunters over time. They left behind the Vault, a depository for alien tech that would make a mere human a very very rich bunny indeed. The problem is it only opens once every two hundred years and you are not the only one after it's treasures. Lock and load people, because you face a very long and tough journey ahead. THE GAME You play one of four main characters that will spend a lot of time exploring the planet and dealing with the hostiles waiting either to bite chunks out of you or fill you full of lead. The characters are as follows; Lillith, known as a siren, is a psychic with the ability to phase walk that turns her invisible for a while so she can sneak up on someone and let them have it. Take note that when she phase walks and emerges from it, it unleashes a bolt of energy that stuns at first but can be modified so it delivers electric shocks, fire, or a corrosive effect. Nice but nasty! Roland: he is a soldier with the ability to set up a sentry gun that fires at enemies in it's path. You can shelter behind it's armour and recover lost health whilst doing so. This can be modified so it even replenishes ammo stocks whilst under cover. Moredcai: he has a sidekick, a pet bird called bloodwing that attacks foes and forces them to drop loot like ammo and health packs. Very very useful and one of my personal favourites. Brick the name says it all. He is a brawler and you can activate a hulk like berserker mode, that makes him giggle like a lunatic whilst smacking people into the middle of next century. Like wolverine he recovers lost health whilst in the state. He is slower and less agile than the other three but he is as tough as a three dollar steak. Explore, shoot and explore and shoot some more. Yeah sounds dull but wait, thanks to the downloadable content there are four new side stories to explore that contain zombies, a robot revolution, an insane power hungry general, and a mad max style arena that will truly test your mettle. It has a lovely wild west meets mad max vibe and it's cell shaded graphics are a joy to behold. Game play is smooth though there can be some lag if the screen gets a little full of enemies. Online play is fast and frantic but be warned the one thing that mars this experience is that if you have a quest to complete, others can complete it for you before you can even fire a shot, Best go co-op at home if you don't want that happening. So there are a couple of niggles but the rewards for multiplayer are worth having in the way of money, ammo and the experience as well as the guns. Oh yes, the guns. There are a lot, no scratch that a LOT of guns to use, ranging from pistols to full blown rocket launchers! Add the elemental side effects such as acid, electricity etc etc and you can deliver some seriously heavy damage. Yes it's carnage but not as we know it! It's been a long time since a game has hooked me like this, and I have been balancing this with that other great game Red Dead Redemption. Be warned Borderlands can damage your social life. So what are you waiting for? Lock and load, Pandora needs you!