The Old, will Return

A puppet somehow has its own will, accidentally summoned a mystical soul from the Otherworld.
Now they are trapped in a mysterious manor.
What is behind all this, and what is awaiting these two souls?
The answer lays in the Book of the Old.A Rougelike shooting gameDodge enemies' bullets and shoot them! Every time you start a journey, it will be all new!
Adventure deeper, and new maps, enemies, stories will appear.
Decide you own adventure plan -- do you prefer easy maps, or dangerous ones with high benefits?
Equipment? No, they are cards!Collecting coins after cleaning rooms. Use coins to get powerful cards, or keep the coins for interest -- if you are not killed by powerful enemies.
The altar will provide 5 cards each time for you to pick, and you can refresh them all if there is no your target card -- of course you should pay for that.
3 same cards will became higher ranked card, witch can assist you fighting more powerful enemies.
Each card has two forms of ability and two bonds. With 80 cards and 32 bonds, it's up to your wisdom and imagination how powerful you can be.
What's that monster?80 monsters and 23 bosses, every of them has its unique skill and action.
Some of them can even cooperate.
Be careful, every single kind of these monsters is fatal!

This is a rougelike game with infinite possibilities.
What is your road, you decide.