Intensify battle action with up to 8 players via wireless LAN. Use the voice recognition system during battles and escape from some situation. Enjoy a bonus game or control menu items by Touch Screen. Everything is combined to give the best experience of fun and multiplayer gameplay.


  • BATTLE MODE: Extended multiplayer experience: take advantage of wireless LAN, Bomberman DS matches up to 8 players making full use of the double screen. Multi- or Single cartridge does not matter for smooth play!

  • STANDARD MODE: Enjoy a great single-player mode in this Standard Game. New enemy characters to the game! Each level consists of 100 stages. An area Boss is waiting at the last stage of each area.

  • VOICE BATTLE: Place bombs by using a voice-recognition function! And, if you are in danger, just SHOUT! That may summon a shield which protects you from the bomb blast.

  • TOUCH SCREEN GAME INPUT: Enjoy a Bonus Game or control menu items by Touch Screen. This new DS functionality adds a great new twist to Bomberman.