Bombastic puts players in control of a veritable minefield of explosive moving dice. Players are challenged to connect dice in "like" combinations, such as four four's or six six's. As this happens, the dice "blink" briefly before they explode causing devastating chains and clearing each stage of the volatile dice. It's fast paced action and explosive fun that will entertain players for hours.

  • Quest Mode - This world / stage selection mode offers an adventure where players travel to many worlds. Players will strive to make it to the final stage as they face many enemy attacks and exploding dice. Reaching the final stage will prove a real challenge as enemy attacks and exploding dice are added as the action intensifies.

  • Battle Mode - In this mode players scramble to get to specific spots on each die. Each time they are successful their meter will increase. Once this meter is full, they have won the game.

  • War Mode - This pulse-pounding mode pits five characters against each other in a battle of survival. The key to victory is to be the last character alive.

  • Classic Mode - In this mode the goal is to eliminate dice by linking like numbers. The player earns points each time a link is made.