The story of the game follows Django, a vampire hunter who must venture through deep, dark dungeons to rid the world of evil demons. His ability to hunt down vampires during the day is far superior to his ability to hunt them down at night. Conversely, vampires are weaker during the day and much stronger by night. Boktai is the first game to integrate light and real world conditions into the adventure's storyline. In Boktai, the amount of time that the player spends with the game in the sun will have a direct impact on the hero's powers, the strength/weakness of the enemies and consequently, the overall outcome of the game.

The mysterious world of Boktai is strewn with numerous castles and dungeons that are riddled with enemies, including spiders, zombies, vampires and more. While some enemies can be destroyed using a "solar gun" that streams an ultra-powerful light beam, other enemies can only be destroyed by exposing them to natural sunlight.


  • Solar sensor on cartridge absorbs sunlight and influences gameplay.

  • Real time clock system changes the environment depending on the time.

  • Certain monsters and creatures can only be destroyed by using sunlight.

  • From renowned producer and game designer Hideo Kojima.