Bocce VR Simulator - a simple game known to mankind for years with a lot of fans. The simplicity of the rules and the ability to play anywhere make the game suitable for everyone, both for the younger and the older ones. In this game, physical skills are important, as well as strategies and a bit of luck, which introduces some kind of randomness. The object of the game is to throw the balls as close to the Palino as possible. For balls that are closer to the opponent's balls than the opponent's balls, a corresponding point reduction is given. The game ends when the player reaches a certain number of points.
Bocce VR is the perfect simulator where all the rules and details of the game are included. Thanks to the perfect representation of the pitch and surroundings, the game takes a realistic form. The ability to play with a friend increases the desire to compete and win even more, which results in much more excitement.
So put on your VR headset and indulge in the world of Bocce VRFeatures
  • Competing with your local friend on the same glasses
  • Ability to change CPU level
  • Advanced AI
  • Ability to choose amount of points that are needed to finish the game
  • Choose a name to your character
  • Realistic graphic and gameplay