This game is as fast and as furious as they come. There's no great need to delve into a plot synopsis because let's be honest there is no plot! You are a racer, you need fan points (rather than money) to unlock new cars and tracks, and there's no need to worry about tweaking cars too infinity and beyond. Nope, there is no upgrading of performance, suspension or any of that milarky heck no! This is pure arcade racing with real cars and mario style weapons and power ups but don't waste time looking for mushrooms! You can fire mines, small bolts of energy and a useful rain of lightning bolts that hit the front of the pack, so be careful when in the lead as the exact same thing can happen to you too! Online is fast and fun as well and there's four player split screen for home use as well. The cars all handle well and there's a true sense of speed here, as you shunt, nudge and nitro boost your way around the different circuits. These vary from an abandoned airfield to city streets and a dockside setting to name but three. One of my favourite cars is the Volkswagen Beetle, small, light and extremely quick, it can also drift as well as most of the muscle cars available as well. Off road vehicles are here as well and they all handle very nicely and cope with tight bends extremely well. Then there's the joy of unlocking the boss cars as it were, as each league has a manager whose car will become a prize in a one on one race (shades of NFS Most Wanted here). This is fast and furious arcade racing at it's best. It came out more or less at the same time as Split/Second Velocity and I feel that this title became overlooked as a result. It's a shame. This is as near a perfect game that I have seen. Graphics are bright and colourful, frame rate is top notch and online is superb. I rate this game highly and although it's no Forza or Gran Turismo 5, that's no bad thing as once every so often it's just good to sit back and let your hair down so to speak. This could rival Motor Storm as being one of my favourite racers right now. Try it!