OK so what do we have here? Well table top gamers will (or may) remember that there was a successful PC version if this game way back in the days of Windows 98 (I think, don't quote me on that). It was a user friendly although somewhat graphically challenged game that gave me many hours amusement. I have the board game too, although we haven't really played it but I have been told that once you get used to it, the action is fast and can be furious. Time moved on, machines got upgraded and alas later versions of windows would refuse to run the game. So sadly I passed it on. So imagine my joy when the X Box version was announced. However other games got my attention and I passed it by. So when my online rental club posted it too me, I jumped on it. So was I delighted, surprised and full of joy at being able to play this game again after such a long time? Yes, at least that was until it finished loading and I tried playing the game. Graphically it was light years ahead of the previous incarnation, and heck, if it hand't have been, I would have been surprised. But the mechanics and the execution of the game left me surprised but for all the wrong reasons. It's a slow clunky affair and it was damned hard to understand what was going on. You can play freeform as it were, or to the rules of the board game, complete with dice rolls, but even experts at the tabletop game would be left scratching their heads in confusion. But the a.i. not only plays faster than you can but smarter. Even on the easiest mode, the a.i. beats the living you-know-what out of you, wondering what you have to do to get a tactic to work. The controls left me thinking that this has to be one of the least user friendly games I have ever played. I picked players, ordered them to do something and had to re enter the commands again, and even when I did input them in one go (and that was a rare occasion) the a.i. squashed any tactic (and player) flat into the astro turf. This just frustrated the living daylights out of me and slowed the gameplay down so badly that the best thing this game could be used for would be as a cure for insomnia. Even the fact that you can play teams of Elves, Dwarves etc etc and hire special players for one game only does not detract from the fact that this game although pretty to look at is as dull as dishwater, and is about as much fun to play as bingo in a church hall on a wet Sunday afternoon. Maybe if there was a pure team management option then that would be better I feel, but if you are thinking you are going to get a fun game that maybe the next best thing since Speedball, forget it. At least Speedball was and is still fun. This isn't. Period. Stick to the old version (if you can) or play the tabletop game. At least that's the genuine article. Games Workshop should not have released this without it having a major overhaul first. This does not score a touchdown, but fumbles way before the half way line.