Use conveyors, pivots, welders and more to design a working factory that takes simple blocks and transforms them to solve the challenges. All I'm giving you is a challenge and some tools, the solution is up to you.

  • Design! - Assemble your solutions and watch them run in real time. Between the campaign of 25 challenges and the integrated workshop tools to easily download player made challenges you will find no end to the amount of time you can waste coming up with new ways to move a block.
  • Optimize! - Use the histograms to see how well your solution performs compared to those made by other players. Refine your solutions to improve your position on the histogram and earn achievements.
  • Set your own goals! - With Block Motions fully featured moving block system you can connect up blocks of different types to create an almost limitless number of solutions. There is no one correct solution to a challenge, just different designs, so play the game the way you want to.
  • Customize! - The fully featured challenge editor is built right into the game itself. Create your own challenges using the same tools that I used myself to create the campaign. Publish your challenge to the steam workshop and see the scores achieved by other players on the histograms which are available on all player made challenges.