This game is a grid-based puzzle with a twist: The layout of each level is hidden from you at the start of every room. Sometimes you can make determinations on what is where, other times you would have to jump head first, just to gain a small piece of awareness about your surroundings.Key Features:
  • Simple Design: All core mechanics are extremely light in concept, so whatever you do, you always know what your next move will result in.
  • Plenty of toys: The game constantly introduces new gameplay mechanics, from labyrinths and portals, to wrapping edges and double-sided levels.
  • 60 levels: Just enough to explore all this game has to offer without overusing any the tricks. And yes, at the end you can get an ending where the colors are different.
  • Minimalist style: Monochrome pixelart for all of you who want to return to the better times.
  • Atmospheric music: The whole game is accompanied by a selection of tracks from an 2017 album "Spiral Out Of Control" by 256PI.