The second generation of the BlindBlade series is on the line.
It's still the blind samurai, or the familiar offensive and defensive means, but this time "BlindBlade" will bring you completely different feelings.
21 new levels, 63 special challenges, the difficulty has increased again, and more levels are waiting for you!
Keen, focused, decisive, persistent, and patient, those are the secrets of winning!
Come on, kill in darkness!

Why is it two, where did the first generation go?
The first generation of "BlindBlade" was the work of GGJ in 2017. The four authors completed the development for 48 hours, and then remained in the hard disk until they launched a modified touch screen control version in the iOS app store in 2019.
After several months of design and development, "BlindBlade II" was presented to everyone with a new attitude and returned to the mode of keyboard / joystick control.
The new game keeps the previous game as tight and exciting as possible, and expands the original "Endless Mode" level into 21 different challenges.

What's in the game at the moment?
· A BlindBladesman (the main character) and his powerful perception (that is you)
17 story levels and 4 entertainment levels (need to unlock gradually)
4 level traps (he is blind and needs you to perceive and distinguish these traps)
· 6 different types of enemy arms (he is blind and needs you to feel, distinguish and defeat these enemies)