Welcome to Blastworld, where you can find all kinds of PvP and PvE games to play! Jump in for a casual gaming session or fight your way up to the rank of Grandmaster with the eSports-grade ranking system.

What makes it special is that you can climb any surface in the game so explore, manouver or hide to your hearts content!

Made specifically to allow both comfort and immersion-seeking players play together. You can also climb any surface in the game so explore, manouver or hide to your hearts content.

- In Zombies Royale a group of players start but watch out - every knocked-out player turns into a blood-thirsty zombie! Things will get heated faster than you can say "Braaains"! Even when the last survivor emerges, they still need to defend against a zombie horde while waiting for the helicopter rescue! Not an easy feat and every survivor has earned their win!

- Overkill game mode puts team against team in intense combat to attack or defend capture points! Balanced for all movement modes, your locomotion choice is reflected in your character class. The fast moving and precise thumb-stick or arm swinger players meet the well-armored and armed comfort players.

- Traditional Capture The Flag will test your speed and sneakyness.

- Find new paths to victory in classic Bomb Defusal! I bet they didn't expect you to climb your way to the tallest tower to snipe them, as they guard the bomb!

Blastworld is one of the only games in VR with persistent ELO rank progression.

Have fun!