Some X number of years in the near-future. The world has enjoyed 100 years of peace due to a benevolent and fair world government known as the Peacekeepers. There is very little conflict, and problems that do arise are quickly, wisely, and efficiently dealt with, and everyone leaves happy! On top of that, wondrous future-type technology makes life easier and enjoyable for all citizens, including the invention of robots with free will by the world’s top scientist: Dr. Grey.

However, there are those who are not happy with this peace. The shifty Dr. Kraven decides to hold the PeaceOut Conference, where the world's greatest minds build robots to benefit mankind. Dr. Grey answers the call and invents Blasten, an advanced super-fighting robot with a strong sense of right and wrong.

The conference goes well until the battle robots start going crazy! Dr. Kraven reveals he has taken control of all robots and plans to take over the world!

It's up to Blasten to fight his way through hazardous levels, crazed battle robots, and defeat the evil Dr. Kraven for everlasting peace!