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In the distant future, humanity colonized the milky way galaxy and discovered a rare mineral that generates any matter. But it's not as simple as it seemed. Along with the discovery of new deposits, we encountered an extraterrestrial life form that resembles our insects only significantly larger than earth's.
We call them "BEETLES ". They live underground and only hives sticking out of the ground speak of their prestvii, their numbers are unknown and although they are not particularly strong in armor, but some species have a powerful regeneration and always attack the mass literally demolishing our defenses. Your task is to clear our bases of bugs and collect all the minerals....

BEETLES is a first - person strategy shooter. In the game you will find the extraction of a resource that you can exchange for all sorts of useful things, weapons, shells, machine guns, rocket launchers and even a tactical nuclear bomb. And all this fun under an endless stream of bugs. The game also features achievements and a leaderboard.