Beardy McStrongarm is an Indie developed 2D Platformer with unique mechanics and challenging game-play. Take on the role of Beardy, a bearded strongman with questionably endless strength in his one arm, joined by his buddy, Jorgy, a purple cat, to travel across the distant lands on an excellent adventure to finally meet Jorgy's internet love interest.

  • Play as Beardy accompanied by Jorgy in a 2D pixel art platformer
  • Unique grappling mechanics for climbing and using item pickups
  • There are cats in the game (Based on a true story)
  • The game is challenging and rewarding for a skilled player
  • Everything in the game is made entirely by one person
  • Spend your time fishing if you want, or not
  • Contains an original soundtrack
  • Some of the cats are warrior cats (In case you were wondering)
  • Don't get too frustrated, take breaks as needed

Are you Strong enough?

Are you Beard enough?