GAMEPLAYTaking inspiration from the dungeon crawler genre, BE Witches puts a unique spin on things, blending in puzzle and shoot-em-up elements. Combat involves lining up blocks of the same color to obtain mana and cast spells- all while avoiding and destroying shapes summoned by your opponent. These high tension battles require you to react quickly to an ever changing situation.

Another divergence from other dungeon crawlers- most rooms have a purpose! In BE Witches, every room is handcrafted and tightly tailored! Find lovingly placed treasures, cute dialogue, and secrets in a point & click fashion!PUFF-PUFFBE Witches is does not contain any explicit adult content- there is no nudity and there are no sex scenes- however (clothed) breast expansion is one of the key elements of our artwork & character design philosophy. If you're looking for something that's a little spicy but not outright pornographic- we've got just the thing!FEATURES
- BATTLE monstergirls with a unique puzzle/shoot-em up combat system!
- ENHANCE your "attributes", strengthening your characters & plumping their breasts!
- EXPLORE a fun and colorful world filled with dungeons & secrets!
- CREATE new items & spells through the power of alchemy!