BattleCourt is a Casual Horde Survival Looter and Shooter.

With a massive selection of weapons at your disposal including: Pulse, Wave, Machine Gun, SMGs, Railguns, Directed Energy Beams, Missile Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Freeze Rays, Confusion Rays, Flamethrowers, Gassers, Shotguns, Flak Launchers, Electric / Electro guns, Crossbows, Joke Guns, and all variants of. Over 220 Base weapons each which can have millions of combinations of modifiers applied to them depending on rarity.

With Gun rarities ranging from Broken to Unique, different modifiers will be applied to the gun along with a randomly generated name seeding from a large pool.
You might find a Rare Reinold Shotgun named "Grandma Lonewolf" which has modifiers applied to it turning the bullets into bouncing, curving, gravity bullets that home in on their target and set them on fire. You might find another gun that freezes on hit, or confuses on hit.

You can also choose from a range of levels from early access release including: Fields, Basketball Court, Street, Courtyard, Beach, Cliffside, and Intersection. With plenty more to be added for full release.
A mixture of enemies each with slightly different behavior such as zombies, runners, ghosts, robots, and aliens. Bosses will appear after many waves as well.

Costumes to collect based on achievements and enemy drops. This feature is currently in game with 100+ costumes to be added during early access.

Secrets to be found with achievements linked to them. With more to be added during early access.

Each wave lasting around a minute and each with its own musical score assigned, and a 20 second break between waves to try to clear up any remaining enemies.

With plenty more to be added before full release including more guns, enemies, modifiers, levels, costumes, level difficulty, and level challenge mode such as Rails only, and achievements assigned to each.