Battle Arena VR is a multiplayer arena shooter, where you are automatically matched with opponents. Challenge yourself, challenge everyone in a deathmatch Battle Arena!Main features
  • Multiplayer - best fit for 2-5 users on each map, up to 10 players per map
  • Short sessions - to invoke emotions through sometimes intensive play and discuss it later using voice chat
  • Guided gameplay - warmup and cooldown stages to connect with other players, get familiar with landscape and physics. Time-limited play stage limits the amount of motion sickness and intensity each user can get
  • Voice chat during the game - use an open microphone to chat with other players in realtime to share your excitement
  • Multiple servers across the globe so everyone is included and can play with the local community and low latency (for now we have enabled 3 servers, can be extended for worldwide coverage of 14 servers)
  • Complete tutorial - learn controls and capabilities to get the most from your cyborg
  • Every game gives you experience, level-ups, and change your position in the leaderboard, which is visible to all players

Controls and mechanics
In the lobby

  • tap the spheres to select the corresponding level or tutorial
  • tap the button with ping/server to switch the server. “Players now” stats are calculated per server and apply to both lobby and levels
  • your name is generated randomly and rendered above the avatar
  • your level, experience, and progress towards the next level is above the name
  • leaderboard show top players, including your position in the chart
  • your avatar color is randomly generated

Inside a level

  • Right index trigger to fire an active gun
  • Right thumb joystick left/right to switch an active weapon
  • Left or right-hand trigger (Grab button) to jump
  • Left index trigger to activate the linker device
  • B button (right controller) to mute/unmute open mic
  • Hold the Menu button for 3 seconds (left controller) to exit to the lobby