• Over 25 hours of gameplay in distinctive environments.
  • Includes mission objectives, puzzle solving, hand to hand combat, stealth and trap evasion.
  • A plethora of popular weapons to assist you in your crime fighting: Batarang, Batgrapple, Batcuffs, Smoke pellets, mini computer, universal tool, night vision goggles, med kit.


  • Meticulously detailed characters all from the famous comic series.
  • Heroes: Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Oracle.
  • Villians: Joker, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze, Scarface, Killer Croc, Ratcatcher, and more.
  • Others: Comissioner Gordon.
  • A mystery character never seen before in a movie or video game who carries a well guarded secret that could changethe fate of the whole human race.

Other Features:

  • An original script written by DC Comic's writer, Scott Perersen in collaboration with Kenji Terada, script director of Final Fantasy I and II.
  • Storyline quality equal to that of the Batman comic book series.
  • Over 60 minutes of full motion video.
  • An orchestral score composed by the famous British artist Tot Taylor.
  • Music performed at Abbey Road studios by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.