Bananas Academy's Psyber is the first-ever Metroidvania inspired educational game that teaches players the fundamentals of Computer Programming. Explore an alternate reality world of robots filled with fun interactive puzzles while learning the fundamentals of programming.


  • A game that is fun and teaches you programming. Duh!
  • Play as Psyber, the Bunny Robot in a post dystopian world
  • Defend yourself from Enemy Robots and Traps
  • Complete puzzles to activate devices that will take you further in the game.
  • Each puzzle is designed to teach you a fundamental concept of programming.
  • Learn the most fundamental concepts of programming like Data Types, Values, Operators and their correlations.
  • Forge your own path! Each path you take matters as there is no going back adding a ton of replay value.
  • Unlock hidden abilities as you progress. Blast Enemies away with your Charge attack.
  • An enormous cast of cute and creepy robots along with a minimal yet beautiful environment design.
  • Last but not the least, an exhilarating soundtrack to set the mood of the game.