Backbreaker is coming. Get ready to play football the real way. On the field. In your face. With bone-crunching action that is different every time.

Backbreaker lets you experience what it feels like to break through the defensive line, to see the pocket collapsing around you, to take down that cocky receiver like a 1000-ton freight train. Based on the revolutionary euphoria engine, Backbreaker's action isn't pre-canned. It is calculated on the fly and truly live. Forget seeing the same tackle twice - this is real time, baby.

With fully customizable teams including a powerful logo creator, Backbreaker lets you play football your way.


  • Brilliant graphics and advanced AI using the Euphoria Engine (GTA, Star Wars)
  • Easy pick up and play action
  • Split-screen and online multiplayer
  • Every hit is unique
  • Extensive team customisation
  • Full exhibition and training modes