Join Astro, the robotic superhero with a human mind, in a jet-fueled adventure to reunite the robotic race with humans. Working with Tezuka Productions and Sony Pictures Television, SEGA's SONICTEAM studio has faithfully recreated the Astro Boy universe, lending authenticity to the franchise and paying homage to a classic icon of Japanese anime that is now a featured series on Cartoon Network.

In Astro Boy, gamers use Astro's Rocket Feet, Arm Cannon, 1,000,000-horsepower Strength, X-Ray Vision and other special abilities to help save Metro City. With each case solved, Astro's skills develop; preparing him to face off against the strengths of Atlas, Acheron, the Blue Knight and more!


  • Play as Astro, rocket thru Metro City, and unlock and develop seven super-abilities including 1,000,000-Horsepower Strength, Digibeams (laser-beam fingers), Arm Cannon, Rocket Feet, X-Ray Vision, Supersonic Hearing and Power of Analyzation.

  • Interact with familiar characters from Tezuka and the Astro Boy franchise like Dr. O'Shay, Atlas, Dr. Tenma, Zoran and more.

  • Unique flight mechanics allow for high-flying fun and free-roaming action.

  • Play in 10 areas created to replicate Astro Boy environments like Metro City, Astro's home, and other landmarks from the animated series.

  • Learn more about Astro Boy history by beating sub quests; collecting more than 50 cards.

  • Havok2 physics engine enables realistic character to environment interaction.