So you may be thinking "why has he gone back to this old game? There are much better games out there to play than this."

The answer is, I went back to it due to the upcoming Assassin's Creed game coming out early October 2018 and I wanted to get used to the Naval side of things as I know this will be included in AC Odyssey. 

I had played it before in the xbox 360,  but it being on the Xbox One, I thought they must of updated the graphics and some of the bugs out. There are a few niggles with it but overall I still find it enjoyable. 

I am about 60-70hours into the game and still got many story missions left. I will breakdown into different sections my take on certain areas.


I think the sound of any game is vital and should be as immersive as the gameplay. With Black Flag this doesn't fail. I play with headphones on not through the TV or monitor like some others but I find this makes it an even better experience. The Sea Shanties I find really make it but annoyingly they do get stuck in your head. There were times I would be walking down the road humming the tune!!


Here lies a few of my niggles. Bare in mind this is a game that came out in 2013 it still hold up well. Was a few times were I found it lagged slightly or dropped frame rate but this is to be expected. Apart from the random glitch and sometimes when controlling Edward Kenway to move somewhere or go up a certain wall and he not doing anything or jumping off a ledge when you didn't want him too, the gameplay is I really good and mostly smooth. 


There is a lot to do on AC Black Flag from Assassin Contracts, Naval Contracts, Legendary Ships and gaining Collectables etc; the main story line is very well put together and grips you from the get go. I do find however it has a lot of missions where you just have to tail someone. Apart from that the rest of the story is top notch. Even the side missions are fun to do. I could spend hours just roaming from place to place blowing up ships to gain materials to upgrade the Jackdaw. 


Seeing that this game is 5 years old and originally brought out on the Xbox 360/Playstation 3, the graphics are still pretty impressive. You can tell that Ubisoft industries spent a lot of time doing the Ocean  and the islands within the map. It is colourful and as detailed as can be. The movement of the shrubs when clocked in bushes is cleverly done. Details of the main characters faces and apparel is also as good as can be.


As you can tell being I played it on the Xbox 360 and then again on the Xbox One. After the main missions have been completed and other side missions are done all there isn't much else to do apart from going round destroying other enemy ships. Which don't get me wrong is painfully fun it can get boring quickly.

Conclusion and Overall Opinion

Overall Assassin's Creed Black Flag is a fun, enjoyable game. It has everything to keep you amused but lacks the stealthyness of other Assassin Creed games. That being said I would recommend picking it up and giving it a go. Plus also it's going cheap nowadays being it an older game. 

I would rate this game 8.5/10Thank you for reading and leave you thoughts and comments below.